Zoya Patel: conflicting identities, political correctness, and why she’s never truly felt at home

Zoya Patel is a writer, editor and communications professional. This year she published her first book – a collection of memoir essays that examine the intricacies of race and identity within the Australian cultural landscape.


BRUNT holds a mirror up to you and your bros

Brunt is a critical exploration of masculinity that challenges young men to closely consider their own behaviour when there is no one there to call them up on it.

5 Minutes with Kitty Cardwell, aka Mrs C and Me

As we welcome volunteer-run printmaking outfit The Rizzeria to Joynton Avenue Creative Centre, we sat down with volunteer Kitty Cardwell to learn more about Risograph Printing and what they’ve got in store.

Julia Johnson//Makes Music

Determined to do things her own way, Julia’s career has seen her travel from Canberra to Berlin, and land back in Sydney with a decidedly original synth-folk style.

A Fragile State

Held in February 2018, “A Fragile State” was a group exhibition of six contemporary emerging female artists exploring the theme of fragility across different mediums and artistic visions.